’17seattleLIVE: Day 4/5 fun

Henry Gallery, right now, has a terrific and eye-opener of photography and the impact on Chuck Close’s work

Henry Gallery sits right on the University of Washington campus, it has a better put together show of Chuck Close and his work for $10, then shelling out over $25 at the SAM, for a show that seems made of attractive recyclables.

One thing you won’t be disappointed at SAM is the Pacific Native craft, which is beautiful and displayed well.

Visiting the goofy Troll in Fremont won’t cost you anything but bus fare. You can even stop and get a look at one of those Socialist Realist things they did back in the USSR, etc. long ago. As quick as you can say Putin, you’ll get your jollies back in the USSR and you can stop around the corner and get some dumplings at Tsars.

Time spent at the Seattle Japanese Garden is fun, and quite beautiful 

 For nothing you can also go around the Washington Park Arboretum Loop Trail

Have bubble tea and pastry in Chinatown

Or a burgher and shake at Dick’s

Or a new ride on the old monorail

Or a look at Jimi



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