’17seattleLIVE: First Spring day and one after


Lucky to have friends who live in a city you have never been to and don’t have enough time to research, but this is how it is this time. So everything is new and different. I have never been north of San Francisco, so Seattle is a far cry from the other side of the states, Florida. They share in the fact they are peninsula and water is a fact of life. Janene brought me out here, and her maid of honor lives here.

Alida and Coralynn in Queen Sheba, a great neighborhood Ethiopian restaurant.

Winter has passed, we arrived on the first day of Spring. It is as gray as was to be expected, but a new city leaves everything to be explored. This is the Northwest. We know Seattle from the Space Needle, Microsoft and Amazon. The future in ’62 looked into the new world. It was an early proponent of a lightrail system, and it also has enough old pioneer roots. It is known to be stylish and good eating, an early proponent of eat locally.

Pretty cakes and flowers in the Broadway Market at Capitol Hill.

I know that as the city is affluent, it also abounds with homeless, this early morning on the second day. What the news was there, I don’t know.

Along Pine

The morning got off to a good start at the Pike Place Market.



We went on a walk toward the Olympic Sculpture Garden which is part of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). A big red Calder and a large Serra installation were in the mix. Very pretty along the shoreline on a gray afternoon.

Good old Serra.

I cannot think of an artist today alive, who has more active interest by the public at large than Dale Chihuly. He is an artist who began, I believe, as kind of a glass arts potter, and found his way into sculpture. There certainly is no colorist today who is having the kind of impact that his work has. He hails from this part of the world, and he deserves a who post, but today his work is included in these walks.

We also went to Space Needle, this is the landmark, and I remember how as a kid it set the tone for the World’s Fairs to come.


Contrast this form to the Geary Museum of Pop Culture and you are not too sure. Geary’s design looks like a drive by hurricane next to this. Very interesting urban planning to say the least.

I also like the Sonic Flowers across from Space Needle.



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