Another day, another Matisse


Orlando has a lot of little museums. The OMA is the biggest and specializes in American Art. The Mennolo, which was a officially for the showing of Florida painter, Earl Cunningham, specializes in more folk or naive art. The Polesek, is a museum of the sculptor, who became sort of an installation in Winter Park, where the other two museums are. There is also the Cornell Fine Arts Museum (CFAT), at Rollins college, also in Winter Park. The last museum is the wonderful Louis Comfort Tiffany collection at the Morse Museum, also in Winter Park.


I had never been to the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens. This was one of those lectures with a local artist, in conjunction with their work. That the local artist was related to Matisse, actually his grandson, made it all the more interesting. That some of the work centered on cut paper collage, something I had recently taught might give me some insight for my students.


There was a nice gathering at the Polasek for Pierre Henri Matisse, The Other Matisse. As he was running late, with impending rain, we were allowed to see the exhibition on our own. Matisse is totally charming, funny, articulate and very willing to share. He abounds with energy for a man two years shy of 90. Amazing, when one remembers the state of his younger grandfather in the famous Cartier-Bresson shots.

royal-boquet-well-always-have-paris-seies Royal Bouquet (We’ll Always Have Paris Series)

But we have one artist at a time. Our Matisse, does paper cut collages and some interesting paintings done richly with a palate knife. He also has a design flair for presenting his work. His playful work reminds me more of another Fauvre, Raoul Dufy.  Dufy’s work was more decorative, but with lots of rich color. The precision of Pierre’s work is quite beautiful and well done. Up close, very nicely done. I am  surprised by that he was never approached (or was he?) by book companies for cover work, especially with the We’ll Always Have Paris series.

well-always-have-paris-seiesParis Gate (We’ll Always Have Paris series)

violet-splashViolet Splash



stained-glassPrecision also carries into his stained glass forms, too

olde-florida-seriesOlde Florida Series

in-the-beginning-oneIn The Beginning #One

detail-of-fishes-flowers-and-frogs-oh-myDetail of Fishes, Flowers, and Frogs. Oh My!

santon-figurine-of-artistSanton Figurine of Artist


For more about his biography


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