DClive 2016/11/26: hirshhorn

img_0069Ragnar Kjartansson’s  retrospective show become the main show this season at the museum.

I kept looking for something that would tie the works together, but there is nothing, but the sense of humor that the artist puts in it. There are plenty of screens, and I kind of thought, ugh, more bad film work, but it wasn’t really, and he has a nice way of spatially putting the screen together, with the exception of the spitting one, which I was not sure about. Thanks to Mr. Kjartansson for allowing us to show the work on non-commercial context.

img_0054I missed the name, but he was a preacher in this one, asking kids if they were Satan!

img_0056Blossoming Trees Performance

img_0057The artist as a crooner, singing sorrow in English



img_0075What would be better from an Icelander than snow for his audience?

img_0078These were four boxes, I thought this was the best of the show.



img_0096This was the best film piece. Several musicians play photographed in what seemed like one room with multiple camera. The artist sits in a bathtub strumming and singing. 

Overall it is intriguing to see what this artist has to offer. Do I feel it is relevant, who cares? As you can see, the audience is intrigued by the pieces, and that is the most important thing! The work is worth a look. The film work is above what you normally see at a lot of shows. The other artist here to see is Linn Meyers work, which is a sideway hommage to the early work of Bridget Riley, in a way.




img_0113Fascinatingly done, marker right on the wall, 21st century Riley. Wow!

I hope that the Hirshhorn keeps this installation for several years. It would work well with the sculpture display. I was so happy to see what Meyers did here. Especially working with this space, which is actually the inside perimeters of the walls which is a gigantic circular shape which is the inside hall of the building.

img_0126Bettina Pousttchi’s World Time Clock

img_0155Jean-Paul Riopelle’s Large Tryptych



img_0170Continuing Barbara Kruger’s Belief+Doubt

img_0172Jimmie Durham’s Still Life With Spirit and Xitle

The two shows will probably continue into January, give yourself time to see it. I have been waiting for the Hirshhorn to go back to its interesting, forward self. For a while, it really wasn’t doing much.


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