The Same and Another Part of the World

_dsc0013The reason for the gathering is their delightful daughter, Danielle.

Last year, I spent a pleasant day with cousins in Pennsylvania. I did the pretty much same thing this weekend, knowing my own life had changed in some ways, with the addition of a great niece in my family. When families are good they bind us together. They confirm a sense of personal history. We walk away to our far flung places more steady, more stable, and somewhat grounded.









Part of the family is still in the city area of New York, some outside, some in other states. It is great to come together older, as we see the fruits of our shared history coming together. It is interesting to watch as things reform in different combinations, and new surprises come along.










My cousin’s son Stephen was a pleasant last year’s wedding. This year, it is her youngest and only girl, Danielle, with a boy named Matthew Smith. The kindness for them inviting me was appreciated, because it is a chance for all of us to come together.


_dsc0853Lots of small kids

best-man-doubleGreat best man!


turkeysWhat good would a country reception be without these!

_dsc0122And what good is York without the Barbell guy!


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