OaxacaLIVE: El dia dos

_dsc0252We start our day to see master weaver Nelson Perez Mendoza

Nelson lives in the town of Teotitlan del Valle which has quite a beauty to it.  It happened to be one of those clear days, not too crisp, when the light was perfect. Under these conditions we left Oaxacan in the midst of the flower merchants getting out those classic marigolds.  Like the ones Nelson uses to create yellows.





_dsc0358We all realize where you live affects what you do.

A walk through the town center reveals a beautiful country church and a typical town for this period. There are many merchants who wish to sell wares. The walls near the school are filled with anti-bullying paintings, which fascinated me the last time I came through.



We  move into Santa Maria de Tule. A pleasant lunch and a visit to another church on the property is a 2000 year old tree which no one seems to be able to photograph.





We leave to return to Oaxaca. We then head for the Regional Museum de las Cultures de Mexico,  of Santo Domingo. The old monastery now a museum. Whether, architecture or art, or botany, this place is a show house.

_dsc0515A show of Leopoldo Méndez work

zapotec-skullZapotec skull head

_dsc0619The gardens


Later, after a gallery visit, the streets had changed, and we saw even more sights!




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