NMlive: Days 3/4

bag of clayIn the early stages, it is just you and that torso and the rest of the bag of clay.


In the pleasantness of the early morning, not so cold, but a lot colder than home, with that beautiful yellow light and those tints of a New Mexican winter, we start each morning together, hand-building our sculptures. Some better than others. But everyone is determined, and there are times in the afternoon, where everyone is so intense, there is no talking.  But our mornings are always pleasant, and our instructor, Roxanne Swentzell, asks if we want coffee.

3 heidi

1 yellingRoxanne displays how to create facial expressions.

2 boob

11 composite

In the early stages there is so much to look at. Now that I sit back and look. It is fascinating where the arrival point was destined from.

8 dinnerDinner one night at Il Vicino

5 sante fe plazaFun walking around the Plaza in Santa Fe

4 overland window

7 composite Windows are always interesting in Santa Fe



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