NMLive: Day 2

11From these humble beginnings, my piece will rise.

I came out here to study with Roxanne Swentzell. I have mentioned her before in other blogs, as I believe she is a wonderful example of new sculpture.  Brought up in New Mexico, she is strongly influenced by her mother’s Native culture. Her work has wit and tremendous sensitivity to detail. It is an honor being in a workshop that she is heading.


13Alexis works on her piece. Roxanne gives Diane a hand.

My fellow mates are wonderful people.  I love the work they are doing, we talk some, but work more. Roxanne is such a natural as a teacher. Too bad, I am such a bimbo as a student. About 10 minutes after 5, I decided to go. People were still working. So I leave when I get back to the hotel, Janene tells me it’s 3:41. Holy cow, I left by Eastern Standard time, never set my watch.

18 compositeEddie van Halen and Gibson; John Marin’s Back of Ranchos Church; and Baumann’s St. Isidro.

Not to waste any time, we hit The New Mexico Museum of Art, for its last hour.  This time a show on guitars, theater and modernism. Also a printmaker/ marionette maker, Gustave Baumann and New Mexico. There was also two great O’Keeffe’s and a Goya print.

Goya Será lo mismoGoya’s Será lo mismo print, from Los Desastres de la Guerra (Disasters of War).

17Then we hit the road before the sun set to see Camel Rock up close.

14I believe Sisley would have loved the softer tones of winter New Mexico.

15We ended at Tomasita’s, where we were seated quickly.





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