NMLive16: Back

1Always a great sense of humor.

7The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi trees without leaves, and that gold color of light.

I never expected to be in Santa Fe in the winter. But I got a chance to work with an excellent sculptor. That and I go leave on the job to go. This has been a bad week in the East, as even home is cold, strange for Florida this time of year. Cold is that thing you get in your system sometimes, it permeates. Cold is here.

3Wow, deserted, but festive, the Plaza takes on another life.

Santa Fe has style, even in the cold. It is February, but there is still the air of Christmas in the Plaza park. There was still patches of ice on the ground, and a chill. Gone was that perfect summer weather.  The Museum of Contemporary Native Arts was closed, perhaps for the superbowl, but outside was working with the weather.


10 compThe Museum of Contemporary Native Arts allows students to repaint the wooden columns and these were  excellent.

5Windows look as great as ever. 

Stay tuned.


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