ye-a-ah!: Finally, OMA!

1omaWhen I used to visit OMA, I sometimes felt like this. . .

2omabut then someone at OMA left something under the tree. . .like a gift!

3omaThat is because, as of now, that Chihuly I could only write about. Now, I can photograph and share it with you. For the past few years, I could only show things that were outside the galleries, or in workshop situations, like the Maya Lin or workshops, where I could show my hometown museum and collections or shows. Now, thanks to that little Japanese man who ran around with a flash, photographing everything, I learned today, I could put that camera that was in my hand to good use. So I will start, by saying, the OMA has a fresh look. They actually took down some walls, and shook up some of the collections.

4 omaWe will start with the Harold Garde show, which has got me thinking how can I bring this to my students.

I have covered for some grades Matisse, Mondrian, Kline and the Hard Edge painters. Third will paint like Rothko and experiment with him, while we cover the color wheel. But I can never get enough of abstract expressionism, because it is such a natural for pure design. The kids seem to like it, and I rarely get “anybody could do that.” So this guy, I immediately love and have ideas for big paintings for Art Club done on poster paper with large brushes and a brighter palette!

5 oma Harold Garde At PastureHarold Garde At Pasture

9 oma Harold Garde Black and Blue Black Blue and WhiteThe astoundingly beautiful Black and Blue/ (Black Blue and White)

7 oma into the forestHarold Garde’s Into the Woods, reminiscent of Matisse, but with his own kind of brushwork and overlay of color. His earlier work has some great overglazing going on.

8 oma Harold Garde FlowersHarold Garde’s Flowers

11 oma Harold Garde Standing Standing V16Harold Garde’s Standing/ [Standing V.16]

12 oma Harold Garde Jazz IIHarold Garde’s Jazz II

And just when you think, what am I doing teaching this, this 92 year young painter comes along and shows you the love of color on color and brushwork that delineates something. Thank you, Harold Garde. Thank you, OMA.




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