Live: Autumn in Penn

DSC_0711Hurricane Joaquin beware, Millerstown is the place to be this weekend.

barbell guy

libertyThe Statue of Liberty on Route 322 ftowards State College, standing in the Susquehanna.

DSC_0143The local was this lovely, not yet, fall foliage ready farm for a barn reception. Novel and fun.


The term “live” for these blogs means not home, and no Photoshop. Raw and generally unedited. Spots, dots, bad parallax and all. Sometimes the event is too much fun, not to write about, or needs a fresh output.

DSC_0772Stephen and Anna, the wonderful groom and bride.

DSC_0787The groom’s lovely sister, Danielle was also one of the official photographers.



IMG_3287The groom’s brother on drums, the bride’s brother on banjo.

IMG_3262What a great idea, the bride and groom and others, serve the guests!

DSC_0780Three generations: Jaime, JJ and Nicholas.  .  .

DSC_0864. . .Grandma, the groom’s aunt, and my cousin.

IMG_3360Fun for cousins Theresa and Hannah.

IMG_3370Father and Daughter.

IMG_3393Mother and Daughter.

IMG_3366And all!

IMG_3311Great music.

DSC_0904The groom’s mom and dad still doing it.


DSC_0980The brothers-in-law cutting up in PA.

DSC_0097The groom’s family lines up for the family photo.


DSC_0120The bride’s folk cut up for theirs.


Weddings of one’s children bring us closer together, as it marks a passage in time.  It commemorates time passed and time together. In that pretty barn in Pennsylvania, we watched as that closeness follows the next generation.

DSC_0170My cousins forever Jaime, Mary, Camille and Stephanie.






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