nyc: So nice, named it 2X

b verrazanoOn the other side, I watched this bridge go up as a kid.

Passing the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, I am reminded of the fact that I have both ridden and driven this hundreds of times. I remember riding over it from Fort Hamilton as a cigarette smoking high schooler. Riding in the back of Louie Ferretti’s VW, rolling down windows as the wind blew hard against the car. I took express buses to mid-town and then in my own car from Astoria to work for Dick Capuozzo. There is a certain modernistic beauty to the bridge and all it’s grayness. The Brooklyn side is more dramatic. Brooklyn is always dramatic.

b freedom bbWow, they now have a US flag on each tower!

If you ever get to NYC, take a hike across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Breuckelen, the Dutch name for broken land, became Brooklyn under the English. But the roots were Dutch and that foundation is the underpinnings of New York in general, I believe. We were never English like Boston, Nor was it  like Philly, who also had Dutch roots, but mixed with Swedish and Finnish!

b soccer

So Mary and Jaime take me to see how much (yupster) Bushwick or Boswijck, the Dutch name for”little town in the woods” has changed. But it’s actually Bushwick Inlet Park in Williamsburg and there are  soccer players and a flea market.

DSC_0041I expected Divine to jump out of this one.

At the Brooklyn Flea Market in Williamsburg near 50 Kent Ave  you are going to find a lot of stuff, nobody really wants labeled “vintage,” except the prices which are ridiculous. It kind of reminds me of Holly Woodlawn and the welfare worker trying to buy her shoes to make a lamp in Trash.

b board and kayak

The city was festive that day,  people kayaking on the East River was an eye-opener as the city became people friendly again. People utilizing the resources, rather than ignoring them.

b jetty compositePlaces junkies and crazies used to inhabit, now become vantage points for young hipsters.


b factory 2

b factory 1 IMG_2177New York was a city loaded with small factories,  where nearby residents used to work. Long Island City was great for this, but you could find it all over the city. Today these structures still exist, either as storage areas, functional building or condos. Many well over 100 years, where average people once played out their lives.

dumboAlways Have Protection, Dumbo Moving Co.

b near fort greenNear Fort Green.

2 trades2001 and 2015, the everchanging downtown Manhattan skyline.

Brooklyn Heights is a great place to see the Manhattan Skyline. As we rode along the BQE, there was already a change in the skyline the last time I drove through this. The Freedom Tower was completed and the ghost of 9/11 reared its head. As I researched for a picture (the top one) I realized there was a slight change in angle, but the photographer and I were in near proximity 14 years apart. I watched those towers go up. I had an unemployment hearing in that buidling. My cousin worked in that building, maybe with Nadjari. It was in disbelief that I would here longer than them.

skyline parachuteBeautiful along the BQE. Parachute Jump is still there, as we make move along into Queens again.

I went to high school and college in Brooklyn, so I will forever have a fondness for this borough, perhaps because it is the only one of five, I never lived in.




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