¡Hola, El Perú!: Museo Rafael Larco Herrera 2

er animals

The second collection is the erotic works. This collection is housed in a separate building and makes you have to rethink, what comprises the collection and the cultural and historical context. While you are going to see couples engaged in sexual acts, it is not exactly sexy. No full figured girls, no one hung low jokes, no funny stuff. Sexual engagement, and all kinds of them, but not in humor.

er comp


The question about the pieces is what is perceived as pornographic and what is simply erotic. These pieces may separate our sensibilities from the pre-Columbian world in that the sexual is ritualistic, rather than risque.  These pieces may also be very insular for a select group of people . We don’t know, and it reamains for historians and anthropologists to come. In the meantime, their technical beauty is admirable.

er comp 2



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