ATHENSalive: yeah, free.

butterflyTake an hour and something drive out to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and have an exceptional day this side of the United States National Arboretum


In Atlanta you can go to the Botanical Gardens and pay $18.95  a head for adults and a parking fee. Or you can go to the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens and pay nothing, except gas. There we even got to see the sight of a quinceañera with a lovely young lady, and her grooms and I would guess her Dad with her.


Back in the car you can go to the Zoo, or do what I did, the Georgia Museum of Art on the campus of the University of Georgia. It is the official state museum of art, and is free. So you could stay in Atlanta and pay the High Museum about $19.50, or go here. I was quite surprised, although not an extensive collection, there are several major artists, some good limner work,  and a great show on Mexican graphic artists.

el tallerThe following work was created under El Taller de Gráfica Popular (The  People’s Graphics Workshop) , both educational and of high artistic qualities. This was established in the mid-30s of the last century, which based its themes upon revolutionary thinking. This show which covered enough works to appear in 4 galleries was thoughtful, exceptionally well done, and of high quality.



Leopoldo MéndezLeopoldo Méndez from the Rio Escondido series

jugsThe permanent collection yields a large variety of work.

unknown artist 1735 Lady in Blue amd Robert Gwathmey Hoeing TobaccoUnknown limner, 1735, Lady in Blue and Robert Gwathmey’s Hoeing Tobacco

Mary Cassatt Study forTthe Sun BathMary Cassatt’s Study for the Sun Bath

Pierre Bonnard's Ma Maison à Vernon Le Jardin My House in Vernon The GardenPierre Bonnard’s Ma Maison à Vernon: Le Jardin (My House in Vernon: The Garden)

whistler eakinsJames A. McNeill Whistler’s Rose and Red: The Barbers Shop and Thomas Eakins’ Study for a Portrait of John McClure Hamilton

Robert Hemry Sissy Mary Cassatt Study forTthe Sun BathRobert Henri’s Sissy and Elaine da Kooning’s Bacchus

Rockwell Kent Late AfternoonRockwell Kent’s Late Afternoon

Alice Neels Portrait of William D Paul Jr and Howard Finsters Howard Goes from Jackass Speed to the Speed of a Jet with Peter PaulAlice Neel’s Portrait of William D. Paul, Jr. and Howard Finster’s Howard Goes from Jackass Speed to the Speed of a Jet with Peter Paul

Joan Mitchell CloseJoan Mitchell’s Close

hazeloton compositeArt Hazelwood’s The Dollar: From Birth to Death

These little museums sometimes surprise me, as they hold pieces rarely seen. Some people would say it is rare, because the pieces are not very good. I think that idea is baloney and should be shoved between two whitebread slices. Any works of any artist, give us more information and depth, about their practices, beliefs and ideas. Thanks Georgia Museum of Art for a most enjoyable day.


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