nycLIVE: Yo!-ko Ono!

DSC_0610Fifty years later, some of the original work of Yoko Ono.


DSC_0615MoMA is offering Yoko in the spot they gave Magritte last year or so. It is a collection of works done, largely before John Lennon, before she became a household word and was considered avant garde. There are haiku like poems and a staircase to the sky, which is fun. Yoko never loses her sense of humor.


IMG_1961Yoko Ono’s Half a Room


DSC_0666Architecturally, there is always something ominous about the “new” MoMA  Matisse cut paper swimming pool design

IMG_1974Jean-Michel Basquiat attracted tons of crowds

DSC_0775The intriguing drawing room of Gilbert and George near the Endless House: Intersection of Art and Architecture display.

I have noticed the Modern always does some display about architecture or functional art. This one is interesting, but not as much fun as the German kitchen or the pre-fab houses done through the years.


DSC_0843A great model of the Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe.

DSC_0811Vito Aconci’s Instant House #2, Drawing is really a funny architectural sketch.


DSC_0881Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye seemed to be very popular by most people, one of those shows the public seems to take a real interest in.

DSC_0901Design Elements for the Common Good another intriguing array of contemporary design work.


DSC_0939My favorite, the one I had to leave was the Jacob Lawrence show.

Having had to leave, it was a shame not to have a decent shot. But in this show, people were actually reverent.







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