Diamond Life: A New World amongst the Catskills

1Relics of the past, against people living past and present.


Is it a crime? The old Rockland Drive-In Theater marquee sits next to the Kosher Castle, which I try and find what pre-dated this establishment, which I found quite humorous.



3Only the kids are on the buses, adults walk even along busy 59.

Along 59 People are moving from place to place with minimum waste on foot and bicycle whether in Monsey or Spring Valley. I smiled as the young kids whom I thought wore payot and wearing helmets as they rode their bicycles. but I was wrong, they weren’t. I was visiting in Airmont, aging family members now ready to move on who came in the days that the theater was not yet a thing of the past. The world changes.



East sits Spring Valley, a large Mexican presence can be seen on 45 right off of 59. There, too, many young men with knapsacks, and young moms, do plenty of walking, too. Forty years ago, my family moved up here from the City, they changed the area, now new people make it their new world.




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