oaxacaLIVE: Day 3

1Having finally blogged Machu Picchu, I find a place I never knew existed. Monte Albán is a pre-Columbian, roughly active 1000 years, abandoned around 500-750 AD, this mountaintop site is about 6,000 feet above sea level. At first, I thought it was a city of shamans, then I realized it was a city of astronomers, and that everything revolved around the study of space and stars. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which gives Oaxaca it prominence as a city.

christinaChristina, our fearless German tour guide, shows us the starting point, but remember everything proceeds uphill.

2This is a structure before we got in the main area, asymmetrical stonework means rebuild, whereas stone set in a symmetrical pattern may be restored only.

2We saw families making a day of it.

IMG_0948xThe South pyramid, I went up to about where the person in red was.

There are two pyramids you climb up, one on the north which has a great view of different building sites. The one on the south I started to climb, but saw it had was not as good to see the whole site, so I went up only about 3/4. The site is amazing because it has buildings and also ball courts. Christina said these were Zapotec sites, not Aztec in which supposedly human sacrifices were made of the losers.



6Foreground is the ball court.


5From the North pyramid

6xDoing the group shot thing.

the descentAll from the North pyramid, now the descent.

wall of dancersWall of Dancers, latest theory they are not dancers, perhaps prisoners of war or people with disabilities who may have been seen more as deities.

ball courtThe other ball court, notice exisiting plastered area to your right on the base and step.

story tellerChristina and the storyteller/potter. Lupe and Cecilia recorded him and will be putting him on youTube.



The second part of our trip was at the studio of Enedina Vasquez, a well known Oaxacan potter. Her sharing of how she makes her work during a demonstration, and how she handled being a woman of note and a successful potter made you appreciate her more. She uses combinations of slips for color which she has made and developed herself over the years, through finding and making the right clay and care in firing. While her work is very sophisticated her methods of finding and processing clay and creating the slips are deceptively simple. The refinement of her pieces is fresh and always unique.

enedinas daughter at an outside shrineEnedina’s daughter adjusts cloth at the outdoor shrine as we arrived.

ededinaEnedina is a poweful speaker as she works.

nancy ededina and nancyNancy, Ededina and Stevie in her backyard, working area.

runaway burrosRunaway burros!


zocolaFun at the Zócalo

CATEDRALAt the Catedral

bette boop

dinner 1

dinner 2

dinner 2











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