oaxacaLIVE: Day 2

govs palacioPresident Juarez looks on as tourists invade his palacio!

The grandeur of the Museo del Palacio which has withstood revolution and earthquakes, as well as another swarm of tourism. The green stone building is done in that old time style so notable with vaulted arches and stucco decoration. It has a beautiful post-Rivera mural Aurturo Garcia Bustos. It was once all open, the area we were in, and open, as horse drawn carriages brought in visitors by way of horse and buggy.

gov pal 2The beautiful marble floors were once dirt, where carriages carried people into the mansion and probably up the stair.

tent cityMexicans work so hard with such poor resources, as Nancy and I sat, a man not in the photo, was pulling numerous nails out of a stack of furring strips.

my favoritesMy favorite characters for the day.

We went through the marketplace in the Zócalo, the amazing market now under siege in part by the striking teachers. The marketplace has lots of food and intersting things. In fact, where would find so many things going on and a siege, with the teacher protest tool. Vendors, I understand, are more spread out.

chocolate pictureStevie explains the chocolate beans in the house of chocolate. We watch moles being made.

ceila and luzA break leaves Celia and Lupe at an arcade nearby.

The afternoon is spent in one of the most beautiful structures I have ever been in. We spent the afternoon at the Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca, this is the area where the Jesuit priests presided. It is a fascinating structure because it is one of those postcards at every corner. Whoever designed the structure took tremendous care where windows were placed, what the gardens looked like at a separate angle, how things faced the mountain. It is subtle and beautiful, it is the way architecture was meant to be done, designed with great care. Guiding you through spaces, guiding you through air, guiding you through light. More on another blog.

stevie at museoStevie explains.

nancy in windowNancy finds a niche.





two church

old coupleI loved this old couple with their matching get-up!

the menThe historical part of the museum is well laid out, most is in Spanish, but sometimes you can get a gist of what they are trying to communicate.


The afternoon rains forced everyone indoors, even though many happenings were occurring especially a wedding in the church next door. Also out of the rain a young group of people, all dressed for an affair, perhaps a parade?

princessHow often in life do you go to a museum and leave meeting a beautiful princess?

groupOur opening dinner at Restaurante Catedral with the entire group.

stevie at the restuarantSoup or salad with Stevie. The soup was great, lots of vegetables and mushrooms.

food 2Beautiful bread tray, frozen mescal as an aperitif.

meal avocado 2Avocado, salad garnish and a sauce.

main courseMain course, chicken, rice and green sauce, not chiles, but vegetable based, very light.

dessertFor dessert, plantains wrapped in a fine dough, maybe steamed with caramel and ice cream. 

pineapple girlsA lousy shot, but the pineapple girls, the second tier of the wedding parade, moved faster than my lens did!

go home its night timeTime moves, it’s as if it says, go home it’s nighttime.





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