oaxacaLIVE: Day 1

from air oaxWhen I saw this color, I knew it would be something else.

Enrique Peña NietoEl Presidente, Enrique Peña Nieto. One thing Oaxaca is, it is political. Teachers were striking at the airport with armed police with submachine guns around. Also a town with college students, median age roughly 27 for Mexico.

For all my travels, I have never been to Mexico. With many students whose families are from Mexico, who are tied to Mexico, who love Mexico, it was time to get off the stick and find out. Oaxaca is an art community of sorts, artisans and artists, who live in a 300+ colonial town. It’s buildings remind me of our Florida roots in St. Augustine, Texas, New Mexico, California, where the Spanish experience helped to shape largely the Southern end of our country. Loudmouths like Donald Trump can go on about the Mexicans, but the Spanish and their descendants (i.e-Mexicans, as well as other hispanics) helped to shape the American experience.

pig and bride


house 2

house 3

The color of the place is beautiful, and yet so are the buildings their color combinations are both bold and interesting against this colonial type style and the color of the green stone. There is also some use of coquino stone.

procession 1A

procession 1b



We saw two funeral processions and three small street parades, one which we joined in for several blocks. How is that to be in a parade in a city on a first day? It reminded me of New Orleans, another place, which we forget is colored with Spanish roots.

baked goods 2Great baked goods!

One of the things Oaxaqueños are known for is for their distinct foods, here are some examples.

food 2Note, what you think is shredded meat in the upper right hand corner is actually shredded grasshopper.

food 2

mikeMike got none, at least not at the restaurant. Maybe he was listening to the Donald?


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