Ich bin ein Wiener: Sucker Torte

sucker torteThe Sacher Torte is a wonderful cocoa cake, with a smear of apricot jam and the most perfect milk chocolate candy shell, with a dark chocolate seal.

sacher compositeAs you can see image is everything when it comes to the Sacher. They even have their own plates!

sacher plates

Vienna is often forgotten about, when one talks about those magical cities that just walking the streets enriches you to a world that is far from us, and maybe not all. This former capital of the vast Austrian-Hungarian Empire, both this city and Budapest, give present you with the style we normally reserve for past centuries Paris, with the grandeur that was Victorian England. But this Empire had a style of its own, which it owed to no one.

j in sacher

sacher interiorIt’s a wonderful setting, this elegant Vienna Hotel, across from the Opera House.

I am not used to going elegant. My idea of doing coffee is hitting a diner, maybe in the airport, a Starbucks! Right at the door the maitre d’ tells us to put up our coats in the coatroom before entering the dining room. During this late time in the evening are other tourists who have also come to sample dessert. It is surprisingly cheap for the setting under €10 for two, with a little demitasse cup of coffee. Everything is fun and we have done the Sacher, cross one off one of those touristy things Rick Steves tells you to do!

So we get ready to roll, and I am looking for some euro to tip the kid with the coats and I say listen, I am so sorry all I have on me is dollars. She is a little flabbergasted, and says something like, I don’t know what to do, because. . . and we put it together it is not a tip she is concerned about but the €3 charge for the two jackets we never wanted to give them to begin with. I was furious with maitre d’ who obviously was at the center of this ruse. Luckily, Janene had some euro and we got out, but I was wild, although I was not going to open my big mouth, just like the American I try not to be! But what a ripoff, a great setting and presentation of a decent dessert and the dirty dog making us put our coats up, when he knew there was a charge.

bewareVerboten on the back of their truck!

I was so disgusted with this incident, I was tempted to buy an “unofficial” Sacher Torte that was being sold in the Naschmarkt for €8.

sacher torte by itselfNote the chocolate seal that really makes it official, and that dollop of whipped cream.

Well it is 3 years later, and several trips to Wien, so how could I be so indiscreet to take out my frustrations over something as sweet as this? Well, I got over it and finally posted a fun place to hit in Vienna, providing you are NOT wearing a coat!


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