Ich bin ein Wiener: Back!

purrfectIt was purrfect being back in Wien.

The bad thing about shooting pictures is you never have enough time for editing. The bad thing about teaching, is never having time for blogging. Whatever, who cares! I am back in Vienna, a most cordial laid back capital city in Europe. My affair starts with my great-grandmother having come from here. This is the city I am always relaxed in. I love Roma. Paris is my second most city after NYC. But it is the island of Samos and Vienna that I always feel a sense of ease.

1 mc donaldsI didn’t even mind getting run out of McDonalds, which I snapped this, as they were taping a concert inside of on Mariahilfer Straße.

For example, last summer I spent a week in the wonderful city of Berlin. But it is not the same. I am glad, but a little surprised that more Americans do not come to the city of Mozart and Strauss. A city where it is easy to get away with no other language than English (except Amsterdam), where music is everywhere, where the food is good and everything is reasonable. Great art museums (despite Hitler’s art career ending here!), easy to get around, and for a European capital pretty economical. I would only rate Glasgow higher, but not for some of the other things. Easy transportation. And with that withit-ness, that continental Europe always aspires to.


DSC_0181It is near Easter, whether at the Naschmarkt or street fairs, there are so many signs for a city as Catholic as Rome.

st stephans

Domkirche St. Stephan, St Stephan’s the geographic and psychic center of Vienna,  is all decked out for Lent with lots of purple lights and stands for people to pin requests for prayers or more throughout the church. There are just as many oblivious tourists marching into its chapels, some ridiculously doing selfies, as many faithful are trying to pray!

st stephens on truckSt. Stephan’s even looked good on the side of the fruit truck!




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