DC in a Day: 12/20/14

dc1A concern for the health of its citizens is the first thing we become aware of in our trip to DC.


dc2Washingtonians on the move!

There is no better trips to pay to in Washington, DC, as its amazing networks of museums. Any within the network are for free with extensive collections. Watch your worthy tax dollars really at work here. Here, the National Gallery, East and West Wing, as well as the joint, Smithsonian Museum of American / American Portrait Gallery.

Jacobo Tintoretto Doge Alvise Mocenigo and Family before the Madonna and ChildJacobo Tintoretto’s Doge Alvise Mocenigo and Family before the Madonna and Child at the National Gallery.

What we generally perceive as the master of mannerism in Venetian painting, here Tintoretto works on the large scale with straightforward drawing and lighting. In a gallery dedicated to his work, we also find his lovely, Madonna of the Stars (below).

Jacobo Tintoretto Madonna of the Stars

8cThe lovely docent stops to explain detail for John Singer Sargent’s Repose (below, full painting and detail).

dc 8a

dc 8bNo American painter has a command of the brush like Sargent.


dc 6 Lots of vignettes set up in the West Wing.

dc12. . .as well as the East.

dc11Leo Villareal’s light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Extreme Abstraction.

dc 12With a renovation in full swing, there is not too much going on at the East Wing.

dc hopper ngHopper at the National Gallery, Cape Cod Evening. . .

dc21Hopper at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, Cape Cod Morning

dc16There is always at least one interesting show going on in either of the joint museums, Smithsonian Museum of American/American Portrait Gallery. This season is no exception. A terrific retrospective, Richard Estes’ Realism at the Museum of American Art. On the other hand, at the Portrait Gallery, a show of new artists called, “Portraiture Now: Staging the Self.”

dc 19Loved the work of Michael Vasquez, from St. Pete, in the Portraiture Now exhibit.


dc double portrait

Xmeah ShaEla ReAl Every Foul & Unclean Thingdc17Among some of the things, a collection of artists’ journals which were interesting; naive statue, Irving Dominick’s Marla; Xmeah ShaEla ReAl’s Every Foul & Unclean Thing; and a few red Christmas tree and beautiful poinsettias.

dc 19

dc20A street market outside the Portrait Gallery

dc 24


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