Sliding into MoMA

jason shows off his stuff at syrena'sJason shows off his stuff with a supersized donut at Syrena

With the most charming companions you could ask for, the day moved from Syrena in Greenpoint to the MoMA to get a close look at Henri, a revisit to PS1, then to wind up out in Wooodside for a great Thai dinner. With one Chinese meal down, mini homemade burgers Friday, Thai on Saturday and lots of Queens Pizza on Sunday, what more could I ask for a quick trip back to NYC.

syrena1This is a great place to go to for great breads, pastry and especially the poppy seed roll! This becomes my favorite overall NYC family bakery.

pastry bialy bagelprune filled donutWhat a great NYC breakfast, coffee and a doughnut with prune filling!

henriThe reason to go to MoMA was the Henri Matisse The Cut-Outs show. It was a wonderful show. I had no idea there were four Blue Nudes, which were displayed side by side. The show was extensive, and I was happy because I had just taught those for my 3rd graders to understand collage. Unfortunately, NO photos.

Many of the pieces shown we have all seen in books, many 1/2 the original size. Some even tiny in books, although actually the size of murals.  Luckily, I have done some photographs of the ones in the National Gallery in DC, and one was actually there, under heavy glass. Not so in DC (shown above).

Penny and Isabel both seemed to enjoy the show. Penny, the baby we took to the Modern and dozens of other museums was quite at home. It was Isabella, who shocked me. Isabella was fascinated by the stained glass window and trying to figure the glass samples to the large draft of the color breakdown, based upon Matisse’ window collage. The sure sign, not of the artist, as much as an engineer.

Paul Cezanne Still Life with ApplesPaul Cezanne’s Still Life with Apples

Both girls of course had their preferences, when we could photograph, and Penny after almost choosing that wonderful Cezanne, Still Life with Apples, but predicatably settled on Starry Night. Isabella also chose a van Gogh, but this one The Olive Trees.

penny's choicePenny and Vincent

izzy choiceIsabel and VincentAndré Derain Bathers Pablo Picasso Boy Leading a HorseAndré Derain’s Bathers and Pablo Picasso’s Boy Leading a Horse

don'tyupsI knew Long Island City changed by all the yups and their doggies!

photoshootPhotoshoot under the 7 train.

brickworkBeautiful brickwork, hopefully not part of the 5 points demolition.

ps1Searching for masterpieces at PS1

And here are some of the real masterpieces at SriPraPhai:

1 2354






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