home: Thanks, SeaWorld

antarctica2Teachers piled into SeaWorld for free, after a short Wednesday, in honor of the Broad Award. Disney, didn’t even send a yoohoo. 

This lovely young teacher says it all. It has been a long day, and dinner (provided by a SeaWorld voucher) is welcome. The roller coaster seemed to be a big hit for a lot of the teachers, and I am sure some ran to see Shamu and the penguins, in spite the protesters outside the park. Somewhere in the background Dr. Jenkins, our superintendent, was greeting employees.

The park goes back a long way for me, a lifetime away. I remember walking over for lunch from the big square monstrosity now with the Wyndam name plastered on it. There were the old days when you could walk over to Florida Festival, closed by Jovanovich. There were days I spent walking the map at Place of Learning. Everything wiped away by stupidity of greed and corporate takeovers.

DSC_0196-Recovered     DSC_0204-RecoveredflamencoI steered clear of Shamu, etc., having spent tons of years getting splashed.

starfishpretty fishseahorsesThey always did have a lovely aquarium. I was sorry I missed the sharks.

lighthouse       roller coasterELLLY AND DEBNo matter what, it is always great to see old friends.

I didn’t see much that night. The trouble with something like this it is like another day, after doing a full day. Old ghosts of the days of William Jovanovich haunt me, but not the park. The sale during the late 80s after the near takeover of by the real killer shark, Robert Maxwell, was a sad event indeed. Although Blackfish has cut into profits, Busch has done well by the park, though more Disneyesque. I prefer Busch Gardens in Tampa. Which was also another freebie.

teachers in tutusTutus et al, teachers show off their stuff. 







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