A New Trip/A New Blog: Berlin

for new blogSomething on the street by the utility company.

When I was in Berlin the posts were serious as all get out, but home, there is a side to Berlin which is funny and witty. And that is part of Berlin that I would also like to remember.

last looks2They seem to like this type of thing.

twoIt is usually two men, or two women. This stuff is all over Vienna, Prague and Budapest.

spiderman and giraffee at new blogSpiderman and the giraffe.

dietrich for film2  Dietrich and Wilder in one shot, near Potsdamer Platz.

yipes hamburgerHamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart (The Hamburg Train Station – Museum for Contemporary Art). 

I was not very impressed with the collection, but the idea of taking an old train station and giving it a new life was a great idea. Except for some of the ironwork and glass, and the matching glass, to close the train areas, it is contempory inside. The outside preserves the original facade, which is quite beautiful, and fits well in this neighborhood.

Naturkundemuseum StationNaturkundemuseum Station, simple graphic but effective.

most perplexing.One of the most perplexing signs as you exited the Jüdisches Museum (Jewish Museum). Do people forget their keys? 

near BodeNear the Bode.


The photos are put together arbitrarily, but that gold thing you are seeing on the left, is actually not an antique missile, but a hat worn by peoples that looked a little like those creepy gnomes.

tatoo youTattoo you, they love cherries.

ooh la lahOoh la lah, could the French say more? 



 Click on to see video



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